Our company’s history started here:

3 Sisters’ Homemade Banana Chips, now on its 22nd year in the business as the sole banana chips manufacturer in the province of Marinduque, started as a business run by the family. With its continuous growth over the past few years, it was able to provide jobs to some members of the local community. They were trained in the production process of the family, and in return, they, up to this day, show their loyalty to the family by not leaving the business and improving their individual performance. A give and take relationship can be observed between the family and their employees, one that is able to help the business grow exponentially.

The start of our success

            Because of the hard work and dedication of the family members, as well as their employees, the business has been successful since its establishment. They gained the support of different government agencies, who provide them with financial assistance without interest. From here, they were able to buy a few machines that automated their process of making banana chips. They also had a little more capital to produce more than what they were producing before.

            The blessings of the business did not end with the government giving them financial support, they are also repeatedly invited to promote their product to different trade fairs all around the country. Because of this, their market is continuously growing. They are currently distributing their products not only to the six towns of Marinduque, but to other provinces namely- Quezon Province, Batangas, Laguna, Tagaytay, and Olongapo, as well.

With the aim of providing quality products to their customers, 3 Sisters’ Homemade Banana Chips make sure that they improve their products and deliver them with the optimum quality. As a result, customers were happy with what they receive. This is reflected in the business’ feedback with clients giving them mostly high remarks. This opened the door for more opportunities for the business. For the past couple of years, they have been receiving orders from big groceries and convenience stores (e.g. SM Supermarket and 711). They are being offered the chance to supply to these big companies on a regular basis. However, because of some factors, they have to repeatedly turn down big opportunities.

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