Marketing Pillars

About Us

marketing pillars

The family business on the production of banana chips was established out of necessity. Mr. Jose Rivadeneira (Ka Jose) was retrenched from the Marcopper Mining Corporation in Sta. Cruz, Marinduque in 1995.

The 3 Sisters Banana Chips is a team of PURPOSEFUL and GOAL-ORIENTED people in terms of work and production. The company is lead by ASSERTIVE people who are not afraid to take a risk in every step of our way. We are DECISIVE and OPINIONATED in producing a product that will surely satisfy our customers.

Lead the Way

For almost 23 years we have set our record to be one of the most established enterprises in banana making industry in the whole wide province leading others to enter the same industry we started.

Take Control

With the success of the firm, we always want to improve our facilities to double our production capacity for us to cater to the increasing demand for our products. Making sure to produce a variety of good quality Banana Chips to maintain our reputation with our customers. We were currently available in different Pasalubong Center and Store in all towns of Marinduque to reach out with our c valued customer.

Pursue Specific Goals

Being known in the province is already a great achievement for us. But it does not end there. 3 Sisters Banana Chips envisions to expand our borders. Not only in the Philippines but also in the other parts of the world. Also, we want to maintain the trust that our customer is giving us by making sure to provide a product that will exceed their expectations.

More customers, more production, more job opportunities for our fellow kababayans.

Voice your Opinions of Authority

Being the pioneer in Banana Chips making in Marinduque, we want to make sure that we will improve the skills of our employees in order to provide a product that will satisfy our customers.

We want to set a standard in banana chips making industry.