Three Sisters Banana Chips (Small 50g)


Product: 3 Sisters Banana Chips

Flavor/Variant: Sweetened

Size: 50g, Small Pack



Small pack Banana Chips are also available in our store. Three Sisters Enterprise offers a variety of Banana Chips. It includes sugar free banana chips that is good for those who are health conscious. Because we always provide a healthy snacks, for a healthy you! Try also our bundle products with discounted price.

Three sisters banana chips treasures every piece of banana chips. We don’t want to waste anything. So, we offer you our very affordable  small pack banana chips that will satisfy your taste.

3 Sisters’ Homemade Banana Chips, now on its 22nd year in the business as the sole banana chips manufacturer in the province of Marinduque, started as a business run by the family. With its continuous growth over the past few years, it was able to provide jobs to some members of the local community.

With the aim of providing quality products to their customers, 3 Sisters’ Homemade Banana Chips make sure that they improve their products and deliver them with the optimum quality. As a result, customers were happy with what they receive. This is reflected in the business’ feedback with clients giving them mostly high remarks. This opened the door for more opportunities for the business. For the past couple of years, they have been receiving orders from big groceries and convenience stores (e.g. SM Supermarket and 711). They are being offered the chance to supply to these big companies on a regular basis.

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Weight 50 g


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